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I have worked with dogs all my life, I started training hunting dogs to swim at the age of 10. I also have a Masters of Science degree. I use advanced behavioral science to train you and your dog to be a team.

 Training with Motley and I is unlike any other dog training. We use Epesodic/Elabroative, dog training techniques (Motley, 2003) developed by me. Using this model along with Moltey's Top 10, (Motley, 2003) our training is far more advanced then our competitors. We design training plans that are unique to you and your teammate. It will be challenging but worth the effort. You never know what you and your dog can accomplish.

“Dogs communicate by reading non-verbal cues, body language and micro-expressions; dogs are far better at this then we are.” (Motley Dog Dog Training LLC 2013) “If your verbal message is not congruent with your non-verbal message the dog will always choose the non-verbal cue.” (Motley Dog Dog Training LLC 2013) I have scenario training to teach my clients these things. Non-verbal cueing is one of Motley Dogs's fundamentals.


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